Amber Nicholle is one of the most highly sought-after editorial, runway, and celebrity hair stylists in the business, but her climb to that level of success was not an easy or planned path.  

Born and raised in south central Los Angeles, Amber was no stranger to humble beginnings.  Initially, her plan of going to the military, pursuing a career in law enforcement and forensic science, was the path that Amber set out on. That plan however did not fuel her entrepreneurial spirit and quickly became further and further away from her focus. 

One of the most defining moments was when Amber realized her plan A was not her divine plan. From as early as Amber could remember, she was always recognized for being an influencer of fashion and beauty.  Experimenting with hair colors and styles made her a walking billboard for what would soon become an explosively successful, budding business.  The seed was planted, a natural, God given talent of styling coupled with keen business intuition and acumen, the Amber Nicholle Hair Innovationist brand was born.

Starting with one chair in the back room of her apartment would eventually lead to having her own shop in one of the most prestigious locations in the world, Beverly Hills, California. 

Amber is best known for being down to earth, highly ambitious, a huge risk taker and a visionary, especially in the world of weaving and wig creation. 

Today, Amber has a loyal client celebrity base, a ten year tenure in this industry and is consider a thought leader for hair care product companies. 

The Amber Nicholle brand represents hard work, class, glamour and edge. It is sexy, powerful, multifaceted and most of all authentic.  It is unapologetic, fierce and continues to transform and break traditional molds of the “styling.